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Office Street Food - Delivered and Served to your Office

Would you like a street food experience in your office – Complete with the flavor & excitement of the markets but made to measure and professionally managed - Then this is the what you’ve been waiting for. 

Urban Picnic's newest and massively popular concept is Street Food Popup. Choose from either delicious Mexican, Thai, Indian, North African, Vietnamese, Japanese or American cuisines. With a quick setup with minimum space put aside for the service, we can cater for between 70 & 300 people during a lunch service. Think of our Saigon Vietnamese style shredded pork spiced with chili & lime served with pickled cucumber, black radish in a French style baguette or our Slow Cooked Chicken Tikka Massala, crispy poppadoms, a cooling mint & cucumber raita served with fragrant pilau rice.

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